SAKE Exclusive Collection

SAKE is a story of a "coup de cœur" for a pile of ancient SAKABUKURO bags that I found in Japan. Please read below about those bags: it is quite fascinating! I found 20 SAKABUKURO bags so I decided to make a limited exclusive edition of 20 tote bags, lined with fine suede leather ( three colors: red, chocolate brown and turquoise) and some repurposed vintage stirrup leathers as handles. They are all different and unique, truly one of a kind, since I decided to respect the original shape and width of those bags. The SAKE Collection has been hand made in my Los Angeles atelier. Each bag is numbered.

Sakabukuro: during the 1800s and early 1900s, Japanese sake brewers filled sakabukuros with nigori-sake (unrefined sake) which was then hung, so that the pure seishu (refined sake) could drip out into collection vats.

Thrifty sake brewers would make sure that any bag which was damaged regained a longer, useful life by sewing meticulously stitched mukatenui (hand sewn) patches on the bags, using thick cotton threads.

Every summer, skilled sakabukuro specialists repeatedly applied persimmon juice (kakishibu) onto the sturdy sakabukuro to infuse the bags with its natural strengthening agents and antibacterial properties. Repeating this process many times over the years caused the sakabukuro cotton fabric to gradually transform in appearance and texture.