About Carine

I follow my inspiration and listen to my heart.

I love, amongst other things, textiles. I love them old and antique mostly because there was a time where the excellence of the thread itself was of the essence. It meant a lot in terms of reliability and durability.

Wasting was not an option.

I also love the idea that each piece of antique material carries its own story and energy. Repurposing is also only fair to our environment, I respect that. I do also cherish ethical values, meaning that my products can/ could be made with love and respect anywhere in the world.

I bring all sorts of objects and textiles from my travels all over the world. Textures, colors, shapes, scents… trigger my imagination.

My bags are crafted in Los Angeles by true artisans, the new leathers I use are imported from a tannery in Italy that I have known and worked with for years, as for the vintage leathers I use antique horse tack that I get from Amish Country in Pennsylvania. Used horse reins become handles.

I do care about each of my bags since they are one of a kind. I go through all of them once they are done to make sure they are exactly the way I wanted them to be and to add a final little touch eventually. Reason why they are numbered.

Carine Letessier is a Paris born and raised designer living part time in Los Angeles.


Carine en Français